Sunday, September 20, 2009

NUDE 5 Minutes

As I m struggling in an a gravitaional fiels that is so powerful that I can t realy find time to do nothing, or do the thing i could do if I had the time (Confusing )..When I m not working in my vfx job, I m working out building some other projects , and if I don t do that, I m with my happy-crazy-family and when I find really time late at night to sleep, I pass and sit studying to become one day something called an Artist (What a romantic idea ?!?!?!?). This time, I could catch some Light on paper during this Nude posing that we organized at work.
I wish I had more time to contrast more the image but...5 minutes on watercolor is short...The more you doddle around the worse the pic become. But I kind of liked that decided to post it !

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