Saturday, November 1, 2008

"Tortue zen en levitation pigmentique "

Encore un petit pirate...
The "petit pirate sans nom" found a gravitational turtle. You surely know there are just few of them who survived the catastrophic asteroid impact and so they are in danger of instinction like so much other animals. So founding this treasure he just had a baptistery with some pigment. Now the crew is growing...a rat, a pirate and a zen turtle.
I let my ink pen on the pic so you get an idea of the size !


Alex Liki said...

You are such a great artist!!!
Parabéns Fred, os desenhos estão ótimos como sempre!

Diego Maia said...

e ae cara!!!
Brigadão pela visita no blog!
Vamos marcar um dia ae pra gente pintar umas aquerelas?!
Ano que vem o curso do cárcamo vai virar curso de longa duração! Seria legal se a gente fizesse!


Anonymous said...

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