Saturday, October 4, 2008

Tribute to the dude

This was the first try of a sculpey sculpture. I did a design for a project at work, but was rejected by the agency (maybe was to weird for them. Seems agency loved disney look and japanese simplifications). Whatever, I decided to transform the drawings into 3 dimensional caracter. To my conclusion, the drawings works better. (will post a original pic as soon I recover my defect Hard Drive. Yes imagine the digitaly drawings of the dude ended in a small Western Digital external hard drive and just kill all the data to a simple ERROR information. So, I wanted to finish the sculpture but when i did move out to the new appartment the guys who packed my stuff, just killed the dude. They put him right down into the box and then put some books, painting tubes and some more heavy stuff, closed the box and as I hopened it...the dude had lost some parts and was screaming for help. Seems this dude is digitaly, materialy and spiritualy destiny to die !

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Bianca Viani said...

voce esta muito inspirado !!
parabens !